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DOIs are in wide use mainly to identify academic, professional, and government information, such as journal articles, research reports and data sets, and official publications though they also have been used to identify other types of information resources...

In partnership with research institutions,community organizations, enterprises, and foundations,ISCDBU provides a variety of programs to support and promote education and research development, including educational programs for students, financial support for researchers, international education projects and scientific publications.
ISCDBU publishes scholarly journals in a wide range of academic fields,including the social sciences,the humanities, the natural sciences, the biological and medical sciences, education, economics and management. These journals deliver original,peer-reviewed research from international scholars to a worldwide audience. All our journals are available in electronic form in conjunction with their print editions. All journals are available for free download online.


To work for future generations
The ISCDBU-Center strives to develop and enhance the professional status of conference services with an opportunity of free article publishing in most famous indexed articles.
The ISCDBU-Center aims to bring together the politics,strategists,managers,project leaders and NGO members where,civil society organization and representative,academics and researchers - from all over the world - could meet in and exchange ideas to share and to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about all subjects in the scientific environment.


Scientific integrity and excellence
Respect and equity in the workplace
Call For Paper
We are calling for papers for the coming issues in 2019 and cordially invite you to submit manuscripts. We would appreciate it if you could share this information with your colleagues and associates.

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